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How to Create Icons in Windows Vista

While you have found out just what these icons are all about now it's time to learn how to create them. You will learn it is easier to create icon.

There are two ways in which one has to go about creating the perfect icon. The first would be to take a picture and create an icon out of that. If that isn't available, the only other option would be to create it from what is called verbal representation which tells you that there is no picture. Both of these can be done.

Creat icon and edit it!

Homemade professional icons

The Use of Image Visualization

You first need to start with the main form of which you should be drawing. This is where the main idea starts at. Yet, while this is partially true, you do have to think outside the box. You do have to think 3d. You have to look at who you are creating this icon and what you are making this for. If it's business professional, then you have to make it look professional icons. You have to make sure you think of all aspects of the item you are creating. For instance, you might pick a car, but what sort of car is it? If it's for a business man, you might want to do a classier car. The other thing you have to look for would be to make sure you look at the website style. This can give you an accurate look at what you are aiming to design.

The Use of Composition

Now that you have the icon to look the way you want it to, you can now focus on the composition of it. First, turn off the computer. Get a piece of paper and start designing first of all. Many great designers do it this way. When you do this, you want to make sure that you aren't straining yourself. Make sure that you are in your element by sitting in a comfortable place so you can let the energy flow. Keep drawing until you have what you are looking for. When you do this you want to work with the right hemisphere of your brain. This is where the true subconscious inspiration comes from.

Look at Detail

Remember that with an icon you can't add every detail. Therefore, you have to determine what details are essential to the icon that you are trying to make. When you think about this and the frame that you have to work with, you find that you have a lot of deciding to do. Remember as well that the image wills me minimized. Therefore, the details that you think are essential might not be as essential as one might think. This is all important to keep in mind. Sometimes the photograph isn't the best thing to use when you go to minimize it and make it miniature because you can't see all that much detail.


You might want to add some action or some animation to the icon. With this you will use lines both horizontal which depicts the dynamics while everything else rests on vertical lines. Keep it simple when it comes to adding animation.

Transferring the Icon

Once you have drawn this, the next step is to scan it to the program that you are going to use to create it. Remember your proportions as well as the minimizing. Pay attention to keeping the true picture that you are going for. This is what to think about when you go to create these icons.

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